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The Russell Lions and the RFD
Published: 11/8/2011  
Author: RFD Public Education Division

This past week I had the opportunity, along with our Fire Chief Bruce Armstrong, to make a presentation to the Russell Lions at their monthly meeting. The theme of the presentation was to examine and review the ongoing partnership between our two organizations and how it has benegrotted the community as a whole. It is no secret that the Russell Lions have financially supported the fire department on a number of capital projects and equipment purchases over a great number of years. Because of this ongoing support it is always considered good business to pay attention to your benefactors, however in the process of putting together my presentation I came to a better realization of the importance of their support. The Russell Lions deserve gratitude not just from the Russell Fire Department, the entire community should be thankful that we have such a generous and caring organization in Russell. In our case the Russell Lions have contributed over $45,000.00 to various projects and equipment purchases, such as; The Russell Fire Departments first medical response vehicle in 1993. An automatic air and electric reel in the heavy rescue vehicle. The jaws of life and cutters for auto extrication. They have also made major contributions to the construction funds of the fire safety trailer and helipad. Finally they are also the sponsor of our annual Fire Safety Checklist program which runs in all of Russell’s elementary schools. It is only because of support such as what we receive from the Lions and other generous backers that we are able to take on some of our major projects, two in particular stand out; the fire safety trailer and helipad. It is safe to say that these projects would never have happened without this type of support.


We at the fire department also partner with the Lions on other non-fire related events; the fire department now takes take of the Canada Day fireworks display, this is another event that is financially sponsored by our Lions. Additionally when the Russell Chamber of Commerce folded three years ago it looked like the annual Christmas parade was on its way out too. Fortunately the partnership once again came into play and the Christmas parade is as good as it has ever been. The village of Russell is extremely fortunate to have this organization help make this a better place to live. I strongly encourage everyone to support them in their future endeavors, by helping the Lions, you are actually helping your community.


David Scott

Public Education Officer

Russell FD



Published in the Villager newspaper November 2, 2011

No part of this article can be reprinted or reproduced in any form without the expressed written consent of The Russell Fire Department's Public Education Division.

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