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Russell Fair 2010

School has started back, hockey is around the corner and the truest sign of fallís arrival The Russell Fair is this weekend. For the last 152 years this annual event has been the highlight of the year for many, and from the fantastic schedule of events is seems this year will be no different. Who could believe that our tiny village will have the distinct pleasure of hosting Terri Clark in our own arena this Friday night, I think this might be one of those events that we will be talking about for years to come, so donít miss out.


The Russell Fair is also important to us at the Fire Department as it offers us the opportunity to meet a large sector of the population and a medium to spread awareness about fire safety. As has been recent tradition, our Fire Safety Trailer will be featured prominently again this year. If you or your family has not had the opportunity to take a tour through this fantastic piece of equipment please do so this year, better yet bring the whole family through it together. The messages and presentation will provide excellent information for all ages, it may even raise some questions that you havenít thought about before. Another presentation that we will be providing this year is going to address the dangers of grease fires. Unfortunately most kitchen fires in Ontario are still started this way and occasionally we still hear about people throwing water on a pot of burning oil, just last month a Vanier man was rushed to hospital after receiving burns to his face, arms and legs as the result of a grease fire. Ottawa Fire Service has reported that three people have been reported injured due to kitchen fires this year alone. We are hoping that after seeing our demonstration Russell residents will pay close attention to their stoves while cooking. The demonstration we are planning will feature a live fire burn that shows people how to properly extinguish a grease fire, we will also demonstrate the results of not doing it correctly, I highly recommend you take the time this weekend to see one of these presentations. The fair is also an excellent way to meet the firefighters of Russell, at any given time there will be at least five of us available to answer questions, or simply bandage a scuffed knee. If you have questions about fire safety or would like to know a little more about how the fire department works, please take the time to question one of our members we would be glad to help you out.


Published in The Villager newspaper September 8, 2010


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