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A Canadian company has developed a product that has proven to be able to virtually eliminate the most common cause of house fires in North America; stove top fires, yet you have likely never even heard about it. However don’t feel bad, there is very little reason for you to have heard about it because no major manufacturer of electric stoves in North America has decided to use the product on their manufactured goods. The Safe-T-Element was developed by Pioneering Technology Corp of Mississauga and is the only product of its kind on the market, there have been many innovations that deal with extinguishing fires on stoves, but the Safe-T-Element prevents the fire from happening in the first place. Now we have all heard extraordinary claims made by numerous companies about how wonderful and efficient their products are, however in the case of the Safe-T-Element there has been a proven test ground that backs up the claims. Toronto Community Housing decided to try the product in two of their highest profile urban renewal projects, and after two years they have not had a stove top fire on any Safe-T-Element equipped stove. They are so pleased with the performance of the product that the continued project just recently announced the installation of the 1000th Safe-T-Element stove. This is no small feat as Toronto Community Housing is the largest provider of social housing in Canada and the second largest in North America, they are responsible for providing homes to over 164,000 low to moderate income tenants in the greater Toronto area. As mentioned the Safe-T-Element has not yet been adopted by any major manufacturer of electric stoves, however they have created a retrofit kit that allows the product to be used on existing appliances, this is how Toronto Community Housing has been able to implement the product within their properties. 


The Safe-T-Element uses simple science to make their product work so efficiently. It is common knowledge that oil and most fibers ignite at 728ºF, the Safe-T-Element prevents fires from occurring by having a control setting that limits the element from exceeding 662ºF, considering that water boils at 212ºF the high end temperature is more than capable of dealing with any cooking needs. Seeing the element work is quite impressive, I have witnessed a test where a pot of water is placed on a Safe-T-Element and a conventional element and the time difference between the two to reach boiling point is negligible. However if a sheet of paper is placed on each element the conventional element causes the paper to almost instantly ignite, whereas the paper on the Safe-T-Element simply turns brown but never ignites.


Toronto Community Housing should be congratulated for being so forward thinking for using a product like this in their properties, it’s makes sense and could potentially save lives.


Published in The Villager newspaper June 16, 2010.

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