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Evicting Raccoon Causes $100K in Damage

An effort to evict a raccoon from the attic of a Kitchener Ontario home last week resulted in damages of approximately $100K to the homeowner. Last Wednesday night neighbours called the fire department when they noticed smoke coming from a local home, by the time the fire department arrived on scene the blaze had grown to the point where flames were seen burning through the roof. Fortunately fire crews were able to contain the fire within the attic space, but extensive damage to the property was the result. After an investigation, it was discovered that the homeowner had placed a halogen light and a radio in the attic in an effort to evict a squatting raccoon who decided to call the space his home. It is believed that the heat produced by the halogen light was the source of the fire. Fortunately no one was hurt as the residents made a safe escape from the home before the blaze began to build.  As for the stowaway raccoon; fire crews noticed an unhurt and unfazed raccoon scampering across the lawn upon their arrival. Needless to say, a live-trap or having a company who deals with the removal of wildlife might have been a better, and less expensive choice.


Last Tuesday evening, at a regular training session for the Russell Fire Department it was announced that after 10 years, Travis Ford is hanging up his hose and is resigning from the department. During his time with the department Travis has helped create a greater awareness about safety for all of the firefighters and officers. His full time career as a Construction Safety Coordinator for the federal government has given Travis the fundamental tools to teach and create a culture of safety within any organization he is involved with, and that was certainly the case with the Fire Department. He stressed to all that safety is something that should be at the forefront of your thoughts before any task, especially when you are dealing with the risks associated with firefighting. For this gift, we all owe Travis a great deal of thanks.


Due to his resignation, Travis will also be missed by hundreds of ladies each spring as he is also one of the original, and longest standing members of the Russell Fire Department’s “Ladies Night” dance troupe. His swagger and smooth moves are now just a sweet memory for all those lucky ladies who were witness to his Patrick Swayze like bumps and grinds, another Russell legend fades into the sunset.


The firefighters and officers of The Russell Fire Department would like to thank Travis for his many years of service, and wish him and his family all the best in the future.  


Comments? go to; http://russellfiredepartment.blogspot.com/


Published in The Villager newspaper April 12, 2010


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