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Good News for a Change

The space afforded to us in the Villager each week has been a great medium for us to keep the public informed about matters related to fire safety, it has also been a wonderful way to introduce the public to the firefighters that serve them. Unfortunately we are too often bringing forth stories involving death and destruction, regrettably this is just how it is in the fire service. We learn and are forced to make examples of other peoples losses to help society avoid these same mistakes. That being said, it was very enjoyable to write an additional story in this week’s edition about an incident in Russell with a happy ending. Being the harbinger of bad news all the time can kind of wear you down after a while. In this spirit we are going to keep this week’s article on the light side.


Being Fair Week, all of Russell will be chomping at the gates to the fairgrounds with anticipation of another great fair, our 101st edition. The Russell Fire Department will once again be front and centre with the return of the Fire Safety Trailer after last year’s absence. The trailer however has not been lying dormant since its last appearance at the 2007 fair, quite the opposite. This year alone the trailer has visited eight other communities in addition to the numerous hall tours held in Russell, needless to say the word has spread about this fantastic tool and the demand is high. So much so, that we have been forced to limit the amount of out of town rentals due to manpower issues. We are looking forward to presenting this excellent piece of equipment to the people of Russell once again at this year’s fair. If you are new to the area, or haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience a demonstration in the trailer, I would highly recommend you make this the year you do. In addition to the trailer, we will also be giving demonstrations on how to give first aid to a person who has suffered a burn injury. These demonstrations will be a “hands-on” approach to learning, as we will be having the public perform the first aid with our assistance. This is a skill everyone should have, make sure to take the time to visit us next to the arena.


In closing we would like to announce that Ken Carscadden, “Kenny at Home Hardware” as he is mostly known around town, has decided to hang up his hose (wow that didn’t come out as good as I had hoped). Ken is retiring from the Russell Fire Department after putting in 12 years of service. Ken has always been at the forefront with teaching at the schools and other public events, his contribution will be greatly missed.


Published in the Russell Villager - September 9, 2009

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