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Prom Season 2009

The end of the school year is closer than most parents would like to admit, that’s right summer vacation starts in less than one month! Along with the end of the school year comes prom season, for some students it means moving on to higher education or into the job market. For many students it will be the last time that they will celebrate with many of their friends that they grew up going to school with, different career paths and simply getting on with our lives makes this a reality. The high school prom is truly a time to celebrate for teens and parents should also take some time to share in the accomplishments of their children. Parents should also involve themselves in the planning of their child’s prom, by doing so you can ensure that your teen will have a fun but safe prom.


The greatest threat to your teen on prom night is drunk driving, whether it is them behind the wheel or someone else. Impaired driving is a major cause of death for people under 25 in Canada and this must be addressed in the planning of a prom. The best solution; hire a professional. Taxi and limo drivers take their responsibility seriously and leave you with no doubt that the person behind the wheel will be sober. Considering the economic situation they would also likely appreciate the business. Designated drivers are another option, however the driver should be someone who isn’t in the graduating class, an older sibling or parent would be the best choice. Having a classmate as a designated driver could be problematic considering this person could be subject to peer pressure and think that a couple of drinks will be OK. No matter what the circumstance, your teen should be never get into a car with an impaired driver. Even if it means that you have to get up in the middle of the night to pick them up, no matter where they are, no questions asked.


Unfortunately there are other concerns that today’s teens have to consider that did not affect us “back in the day”. Even if your teen is not drinking alcohol, they should be watchful of their drinks. The date rape drug “Rohypnol” commonly referred to as “Roofies” is a concern especially to young girls. This drug can render a young girl completely helpless, susceptible to rape and unable to fully recall the assault later. If their drink gets out of their site, then it is not to be consumed. Another alcohol related problem that is new to those of us over 40, is the mixing of booze with “energy drinks” such as Red Bull or Rockstar. The stimulants in these drinks mask the affects of alcohol, fooling the person into thinking they are not as drunk as they are. This can lead to alcohol poisoning or needless to say; stupid behavior. The mixing of the stimulants in these drinks with alcohol also has medical concerns; dehydration, hypotension and other cardio vascular problems can result. If you have not heard our local Dr. Menard’s speech about energy drinks I would suggest you do.


If your teen is going to a prom, get involved. No party is worth it being their last.

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