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Fire Safety Checklist 2009

The Russell Fire Department has just launched the 2009 Fire Safety Checklist program in our local elementary schools, all parents should be seeing these colourful checklists come home from school by the end of this week. This year we are running the program for the month of May and all the checklists should be returned by no later than June 5th to the child’s school. As was the case last year; the Russell Lions Club is sponsoring this program which allows us to offer the prize of a new bicycle to one student in each of our three elementary schools. The prize winners will be drawn from all the returned checklists at each school’s end of year assembly, can you think of a better way to kick off summer vacation than by winning a new bike? Despite the fantastic prize we feel that all families who choose to participate will be winners in the end. By participating as a family, we hope that you will make your home a safer place and make everyone a little more “fire-wise”. The checklist program is also integrated with our website; www.rfd.ca just click on the Fire Safety Checklist icon and you will find additional information related to the topics in the checklists. If you don’t have children you can even download one of our forms and “play along”. Another feature on our website that can be used by anyone is our message forum, if you have any questions about fire safety you can just post it and we will answer usually within 24 hours. 



The Russell Fire Department would once again like to extend a large thank you to the Russell Lions Club for showing why they are such a value to our community. Without the financial support we received from the Lions we could not run a program like this. When we asked them if they would consider sponsoring the Fire Safety Checklist program again this year the answer was immediately yes. Lions president Henry Staal told us that this was the sort of project that they want to be behind, something that benefits both the children and families of Russell. The Russell Fire Department and Lions have developed a relationship that has allowed us to present programs within our village that is the envy of other communities. Thank you Lions once again for supporting this program and helping us make Russell a safer place to live. 

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