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Home Address Marking

Occasionally we run into a difficult situation where we are called to a residence that does not have a clearly displayed address, obviously this would not be a fire call as the bellowing flames and smoke usually make this clear enough. In most cases it involves a medical call or an incident where the signs are not evident. There is nothing more frustrating for all emergency services than having to look for an address that is not evident, and needless to say it could also be life threatening depending on the circumstances. I would encourage everyone to go outside on the road and take a look at their homes, can you clearly see the house number? Now try this again at night, often the lighting around the house number is not sufficient. Another exercise would be to try and drive past your house and look for the address, maybe it is visible when you are directly in front of the house but can you easily see the civic number when you are approaching the house from within a moving vehicle? Common problems are; missing house numbers, overgrown vegetation, dark numbers on a dark background or putting the civic number in an obscure place.   


If you have found that your house number identification could be improved and decide to do something about it, try to keep the following in mind; place the numbers in an obvious place. On or near the front door or over a garage that is closest to the street are good choices. Choose a colour for the numbers that contrast with the background, using a display plate makes it even more obvious. Watch the shade of colours that you use, nighttime can affect the contrasting ability of many colours. If you have exterior lighting, be certain it doesn’t cast a shadow over the address marker, this makes it almost impossible to see at night.


Rural homes and properties should all have road side address markers, make sure they are visible and in good shape. Address numbering is not as systematic in the rural areas as it is within the village. In the village you can sometimes rely on the neighbouring address to determine which home you are needed at, this is often not the case in rural areas. Also check that vegetation around the marker is not overgrown and in the winter look out for snow covering the marker.


In any emergency time is golden, wasting it by looking for an address could result in worsening the situation. The solution is easy, please help us help you.

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