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Burn Permits & Grass Fires

A true sign of spring finally arriving is the smell of burning grass from the local farm fields. Open air burning of farm fields is a common practice that is allowable within the Township of Russell for agricultural purposes. Prior to burning any fields a permit must be obtained from the Township Municipal Law Enforcement Department, they can be reached during weekdays at 613-443-3066 ext 320. These permits are issued for a period of time, not just one day. On the day that the burn is planned final permission must be given by the local fire dispatch service, the permit holder must call 613-445-2112 to inform of their intention, depending on the weather conditions approval or rejection of the request will be given. Failure to follow these conditions could result in the farmer receiving a fine. Burning of farm fields must also be done in daylight hours and the farmer must be present to make sure the burn remains in control, failure to do so could also result in a fine being issued.


As a fire service we ask that people use common sense when burning, even if you receive permission to burn be aware of the local weather conditions especially if they change during the day. If the wind picks up in strength and causes the fire to run quickly, stop the burn.


Burn permits as mentioned previously are for agricultural purposes only, they are not issued for properties within the village. Burning of grass, branches or leaves is prohibited within the village boundaries. The only burning allowed within the village is for small campfires being used for heat or cooking purposes. Campfires do not require a permit, however campfires must be small and controllable, they must never be left unattended or be used to burn garbage. The same commonsense rules apply to campfires when it comes to weather; if it is windy donít have a campfire, especially during the spring when the threat of grassfires is high.


Now that the snow has melted and the fields are drying up quite quickly we are entering into grassfire season. Until the new green growth is established or we receive ample rainfall, grassy fields can be ignited very easily so we encourage everyone to be aware of these conditions. Donít throw cigarette butts from car windows and be careful with campfires. If you see smoke coming from an unattended field call 9-1-1 and let them know about it.


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